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Expert Speaker Podcast

May 1, 2019

On this episode Majeed is joined by Ute Benecke - Sex and Money Expert. Ute shares her story of how she become an expert by starting with her own exploration, how she got started in Germany and what inspired her to take her business offline and travel the world.  

Also In this episode:

  • The correlation of sex and money
  • Being in the flow
  • Transferring sexual energy into your business
  • Deciding to launch
  • No plan B & intuition 
  • Running live events
  • Speaking to an audience
  • More sex, more income
  • Selling with good energy
  • Rituals to prepare & not being needy


🖥 Connect with Ute:

📲 Facebook: @ute.benecke


🖥 Connect with Expert Speaker:

📲 LinkedIn: Majeed Mogharreban

📲 Facebook: Majeed Mogharreban

📲 Twitter: @majeedm