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Expert Speaker Podcast

Apr 24, 2019

On this episode Majeed is joined by Charles Byrd, Founder of Byrdword - an expert in Speaking, Webinars and JV Partnerships.

Majeed and Charles dive deep into the tools and processes that Charles uses when he creates and manages his in-person and online events. 

Also in this episode:

  • Joint venture webinars
  • Selling from the stage
  • Collaborating with the big players
  • Going to extra mile and adding real value
  • Effective live events
  • Evernote for Speakers
  • Kill the chaos
  • Charles' lifestyle 
  • Hiring team members 
  • Your signature talk
  • Develop a back-end
  • Get started, get feedback, get better!



🖥 Connect with Charles:

🖥 Evernote Course: Kill The Chaos

📲 Facebook: @thebyrdword


🖥 Connect with Expert Speaker:

📲 LinkedIn: Majeed Mogharreban

📲 Facebook: Majeed Mogharreban

📲 Twitter: @majeedm