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Expert Speaker Podcast

Apr 8, 2019

On this episode majeed is joined by Stefan Aarnio, Speaker, Author and Serial Entrepreneur. 

Majeed and Stefan have a great conversation about how he accidentally got started as a speaker, quickly grew into a sought-after speaker and coach and the importance of offering true value to your audience with your product. 


They also discuss: 

  • Getting past limiting beliefs
  • High dollar coaching packages
  • Going though the pit of despair
  • Platform Speaking
  • Ethical selling
  • Having a great product
  • Making an experience for your audience
  • Respecting the grind



🖥 Connect with Stefan:

📲 Instagram: @stefanaarnio

🎧 Podcast: Respect The Grind Podcast with Stefan Aarnio


🖥 Connect with Expert Speaker:

📲 LinkedIn: Majeed Mogharreban

📲 Facebook: Majeed Mogharreban

📲 Twitter: @majeedm