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Expert Speaker Podcast

Jun 11, 2023

In this episode, Majeed is joined by Alfonso Cuadra.

Alfonso Cuadra is a dynamic leader that's passionate about sharing his story and inspiring others to create the life they want and to never give up on your dreams. He is truly in the business of changing lives and has a special gift in his ability to connect with people and move them forward.


  • He is President/CEO of The Cuadra Group of Companies 
  • Founder of The Cuadra Youth Foundation 
  • Founder and CEO of WealthGenius Inc.
  • A Real Estate Investor with 23 plus years Experience with a portfolio across Canada 
  • He has shared his story with thousands of audiences around the world 
  • Featured in Reader's Digest which did a 7 page profile that was published in 16 different countries in 5 different languages 
  • Author of the 2011 book " From the Ground Up-Your 3 steps away from living the life of your dreams" you can pick it up on Amazon
  • An Award winning Business & Real Estate Investing Educator, Trainer, coach, and mentor to thousands of students across the US and Canada


In this episode:

  • Learning hard lessons
  • Having a strong purpose
  • Its about leadership and sales
  • Selling from the stage
  • Getting butts in the seats
  • The 80/20 rule
  • Venues; lessons learned
  • Clothing matters
  • Recovering from rock bottom moments



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