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Expert Speaker Podcast

Apr 8, 2019

On this episode Majeed is joined by Lisa LaJoie, business intuitive and life leadership strategist.

Lisa always felt that she had a gift to be able to connect to people and their energy. She felt drawn to help people manage themselves and their businesses with her unique insight. 

Majeed and Lisa discuss how she got started in speaking, workshops, retreats and how speakers and other entrepreneurs can better manage their energy. 

They also discuss:

  • The raw desire to share your message
  • Getting invited to speak at professional retreats
  • Offering workshops
  • Starting out and being fearless to take action
  • Not taking rejection personally 
  • Being in the flow with your superpower team 
  • Being grounded during your presentations 
  • Finding the right rituals for your own physical and mental setup
  • Feel what needs to be said, not memorize



🖥 Connect with Lisa:

📲 Twitter: @bizintuitive



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📲 LinkedIn: Majeed Mogharreban

📲 Facebook: Majeed Mogharreban

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