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Expert Speaker Podcast

Apr 8, 2019

On this episode Majeed is joined by Chris Kidawski, Body Hacker, Expert Speaker and multi Best Selling Author of several books, including his latest, The Everspace. Chris helps heal and reverse disease from the inside out.

Majeed and Chris discuss how he went from giving free local seminars to help educate people about health and fitness to now being a paid speaker, helping to influence change in the health and fitness industry. 

They also discuss:

  • How he crafts his message based on who is in his audience.
  • Educating the audience.
  • Overcoming the notion that selling is negative. 
  • Great advice for Speakers to be at their very best physically and mentally while they are travelling. 



 🖥 Connect with Chris:

📲 Instagram: @chriskidawski

📲 Facebook: Chris Kidawski

📚 Books: Get Them Here



🖥 Connect with Expert Speaker:

📲 LinkedIn: Majeed Mogharreban

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📲 Twitter: @majeedm