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Expert Speaker Podcast

Jun 23, 2021

In this episode, Majeed is joined by Laura Beauparlant, Founder and Creative Director of Lab Creative, Speaker and Author of Brand Chemistry

Laura Beauparlant is an award-winning international keynote speaker, an expert on branding and design and the author of Brand Chemistry. As the founder and creative director of Lab Creative, her mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurs create authentic, memorable brands that attract their ideal clients.

For over 16 years, Laura has helped countless small business owners and entrepreneurs gain confidence and grow their businesses through unforgettable branding.


Also In this episode:

  • Laura's journey as a Speaker
  • How being an author will get you more speaking engagements
  • Setting your fee
  • Bridging from the speech to the sale
  • The follow-up 
  • The Lab Creative Quiz
  • Speaker brands: Do I brand my name or my business?
  • Brand Camp
  • What you wear matters
  • How to stand out from your competition
  • How Laura is integrating virtual speaking events into her strategy


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