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Expert Speaker Podcast

Jun 2, 2021

In this episode, Majeed is joined by Cheryl Stelte.

Cheryl Stelte is a spiritual teacher, healer, coach, and author who, in her early 30’s suffered from depression. With a friend at the beach, she had her first of many, life-changing spiritual experiences when her deceased brother’s spirit visited her and told her to start meditating.

She later realized his guidance was to help her get off anti-depressants, and she did! Over the last 2.5 decades she has studied, practiced, and taught various forms of meditation.

Her deep, life long love of nature and extended periods of time spent in forests, mountains and oceans drew her to where she trained through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and with other shamanic teachers. She has since developed Heart-Centered Shamanism.



Also In this episode:

  • What is a chakra?
  • What is the throat chakra linked to?
  • Healing the throat chakra
  • Feeling into your emotion and fear
  • What a session with Cheryl is like
  • Client results


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