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Expert Speaker Podcast

May 26, 2021

In this episode, Majeed is joined by Faith Clarke, Organizational Health and Teamwork Strategist.

Majeed and Faith discuss how she grew her business with public speaking as well as workshopping the messaging for her business in real-time! 



Faith started her career as a computer programmer on Wall Street, but quickly identified her passion for teaching. Her fascination with human motivation and her personal experiences as a mom of a child with autism led to her doctoral studies in performance psychology. She has also taken her talents a step further, writing a best-selling book and becoming the Co-founder/CEO of an educational organization helping families with autistic children. 

 Faith's academic research and her numerous experiences with organizational teams have helped her curate a high-touch, systematic approach to human thriving and teamwork in the workplace, which has helped her clients improve operations, maximize productivity, and double their revenue. 

Faith is also helping her younger 2 children (Simonne, 19, Zachary, 16) with their first business, a creative art company that offers illustrations and inspiring stories in art. Jaedon, 22 with non verbal autism, just asked Faith to help him write a book about his experience with anxiety. 



Also In this episode:

  • The foundation of Faith's business
  • Workshopping Faith's messaging
    • Finding the right message
    • Know the client
    • Using the right language
    • Painting a clear picture
  • How Faith has grown her business through public speaking


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