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Expert Speaker Podcast

Apr 8, 2019

On this episode Majeed is joined by M. Shannon Hernandez - Marketing Strategist, Consultant and Expert Speaker. Shannon helps people to find that feel good space to market their businesses. 

Majeed and Shannon talk about what you should be considering when creating your personal brand and how to uncover your content personality so you can have fun and be efficient with your marketing


They also discuss: 

  • Defining your personal brand by what you say over and over again, how you show up and your appearance. 
  • Presenting your authentic self.
  • What makes a good piece of content.
  • Shannon's process from request to speak -> preparation -> delivery.
  • Following up after a sponsored speaking engagement.
  • Building relationships at speaking engagements.
  • How "shoulds" are content killers.
  • Identifying and overcoming BBFD's


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