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Expert Speaker Podcast

Oct 17, 2022

In this episode, Majeed is joined by Eleanor Medina.

Eleanor Medina is the  for therapists who desire to also live in the light. At her core, Eleanor is a nature woman. Her purpose is to reconnect people back with the Earth and she does this through a non-traditional therapeutic method. She believes that when people reconnect with nature, they heal themselves, everything and everyone around them. She is a pioneer as a psychedelic guide, speaker & researcher. She is formally trained as a Marriage & Family Therapist and runs a successful, world wide private practice called The Makaranda Method. Eleanor and her team focus on 4 pillars of health: mindset, movement, nurture, and nature.


In this episode:

  • Strategy call magic
  • Eleanor's journey to becoming a therapist
  • The Makaranda Method
  • Getting the first client
  • A major shift
  • Helping therapists who feel burnt out
  • Fear around raising rates
  • Meditation 



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