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Expert Speaker Podcast

Dec 6, 2022

In this episode, Majeed is joined by Zayna Rose.

Zayna is an Image Strategist, Consultant, TedX Speaker and creator of the Profit In Style system. She helps entrepreneurs, speakers and other professionals to present themselves authentically, confidently and strategically. 

This is done through personal branding, public image development, interpersonal communications, media training and styling. She works with 7 and 8-figure business owners as well startups and aspiring leaders. Clients are provided with customized image management strategies that can include PR and brand equity advice.

Zayna has been featured on national television and in newspapers such as CTV News Channel, The Globe and Mail, Bravo, CityTV, BBC online, CBC.


In this episode:

  • Zayna's path to becoming a image strategist
  • Dressing for peak performance
  • Choosing the right colour
  • Decision fatigue
  • Dressing to maximize sales
  • Majeed's magic coat
  • Feeding your personality



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Zayna's complimentary quiz (also included are a customized pdf report of the quiz results and a short video training)



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