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Expert Speaker Podcast

Nov 21, 2022

In this episode, Majeed is joined by Nenneya Shields.

Nenneya Shields is the founder and lead health and wellness coach at Intentional Life Alignment. She supports women to lose weight, gain energy and feel aligned in their body by co-creating bio-individualized sustainable health and wellness lifestyles for women who may otherwise find themselves overwhelmed by the ever-conflicting health advice online.
As a certified health and nutrition coach, she educates on the key nutrients for fueling our bodies and holistic practices around topics like sleep hygeine and protecting mental health. She has extensive experience with helping women heal their gut microbiome and recognize hormonal imbalances. Nenneya is also a certified personal trainer and loves to get women moving in ways that feel good for her body and that work across seasons. Intentional Life Alignment health coaching coaches you through aspects of your life over time so that you are not only prepared with the education but also techniques for weathering times of difficulty or challenges that may otherwise cause setbacks. You'll learn to manage your cravings, nourish yourself, inspire others and ultimately thrive.



In this episode:

  • Nenneya's health journey and inspiration
  • Transforming on many levels
  • Common mistakes
  • Reaching a larger audience with speaking
  • Shifts in mindset
  • Make Money Speaking Intensive results
  • Nenneya's future vision



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Instagram: @nenneya_wellness 
YouTube : Nenneya Wellness
Twitter: @nenneyawellness 
Facebook: @nenneyahealth 


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